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Customized software solutions

Enjoy bespoke applications that are tailored to your specific company requirements. Our solutions provide flexibility, scalability, improved workflows, and increased data security.

Our Services

Our Solutions

Our solutions enable businesses to gain a competitive advantage and achieve their specific goals more efficiently and effectively.

Florisynergy for Flowers

Our solution is trusted by industry leaders like Kreative Roses, Interplant Roses, Mt. Elgon Orchards, Redlands Roses, Blooming Innovations, and more. It caters to various needs including trials management, greenhouse production, pack house productivity, scouting, and more.


Our trusted solution, relied upon by Globeflight Worldwide Express, Kreative Roses, Interplant Roses, and other valued clients, handles diverse tasks such as tracking stock levels, warehouses, products, orders, customers, goods receipts, goods issue, and establishing reorder levels.

synergyCourier & Delivery

Trusted by Cube Movers, synergyCourier enables you to efficiently handle deliveries using a tailored Android application for riders and office users. Stay informed about completed deliveries, track precise rider locations, and optimize routes seamlessly by using synergyCourier. Enjoy unlimited reports.

visiTrack Solution

Book meetings easily, manage incoming and outgoing visitors, manage deliveries, track visitor and meeting information, and protect visitor data using strong data protection procedures. Experience the ease of use and dependability of our visitor management software - visiTrack. Clients such as Sian Roses trust visiTrack.

Bespoke S/W Solutions

Enjoy bespoke software solutions such as Florisynergy - software for flower farms. Our solutions provide heightened security compared to off-the-shelf software. Additionally, our custom-built solutions are fortified with robust security measures to protect sensitive data and intellectual property.

S/W Solutions Consulting

Our software solutions consultants provide expert advice on software solution selection, implementation, and optimization. Our consultants assess needs, make specialized recommendations, and oversee effective implementation. We have consulted on projects in Kenya, Zambia and The UK.


“The implementation of Think Synergy's solution in our operations increased efficiency and profitablility.”

Sam Kihara
Director Cube Movers

Ready to find out more?

Learn how our cutting-edge software solutions may help you revolutionize your business. We customize creative solutions to your individual needs based on years of industry experience. Contact us today to arrange a consultation and discover new levels of efficiency and growth for your company. Let's look into the options together.

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